Product News

Automatic bottom hemming with ultra small cylinder


Our brand new NC-GU model featuring the smallest cylinder in the world with a diameter of only 45 mm (circumference 113 mm) suitable for hemming bottoms of Jeans and other trousers for small sizes and stretchy material with top and bottom unique puller drive.

Pneumatic attachment for automatic operation.


Cooperation with FISCHER AUTOMATION GmbH

Cylinder bed overlock machine with top feed mechanism


2 needles  4 threads overlock with 148mm circumference cylinder with top feed mechanism.
This machine is good for attaching the neck part of the T-shirt, and sewing baby, child wears etc.
Variety of optional devices are available for the high productivity.


Overlock machine with automatic tape cutter


2 needles, 4 threads high speed overlock machine with automatic tape cutter with three sensors and air saving and the lint collecting device.

Equipped with scissors-type cutter, the machine can adapt many kinds of the reinforce-tapes and threads.

Using three sensors, the machine can minimize the thread and air loss.


Piping overlock for upholstery


Heavy duty five thread overlock with upper and lower feeds
For high speed piping on upholstery and heavy fabrics

Insert piping cord, binding, top fabric and bottom fabric in one operation

Fully submerged table


High speed cylinder bed overlock machine


2-needle overlock machine
with 148mm circumference cylinder bed

for attaching the neck part of T-shirts and sewing baby and children wear, etc




Ultra small cylinder bed coverstitch machine


3-needle coverstitch machine with ultra small cylinder bed equipped with pneumatic thread trimmer and direct drive

Suitable for hemming sleeves & necks of baby and children wear.


New top feed overlock

2-needle, safety stich machine with top feed mechanism and angled knife for extra heavy materials, such as jeans, heavy-duty workwear, etc.